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  • Amit Sher

How To Get On Spotify Playlists

If you’re here, you’ve probably learned by now that getting on playlists is the way to get your streams growing,

get more exposure for your music, add followers, likes and saves.

But what’s the right way to get on playlists, what kind of playlists are out there, what are the differences between them,

and what kind of playlists can you get your song on?

So… let’s jump right in,

There are 3 kinds of Spotify playlists

- Editorial Playlists

- Algorithmic Playlists

- User created playlists.

Editorial Playlists

Editorial playlists are the type of playlists that are created by Spotify curators from around the world.

They have the biggest number of followers and they appear as the first choice when searching for a playlist,

because Spotify placed them there.

Here are some examples of Editorial playlists:

Today’s Top Hits - 30.3 Million followers

Are & Be - 5.8 Million followers

Coffee Table Jazz - 2.3 Million followers

Funky Heavy Bluesy - 800K followers

Hot Country - 6.7 Million followers

These playlists can make a massive difference for an artist who manages to get his song placed on one of these playlists,

it can dramatically change his/her career. So how do you get on one of these playlists?

We will get to that later on.

Algorithmic Playlists

Every time you like a song, listen to a song on repeat, follow an artist or save a song, the Spotify algorithm remembers it.

Spotify then gathers the captured data and proceeds by setting up a tailor made playlist just for you,

specific to your music taste. These playlists are a great opportunity for artists to gain exposure for their songs and

connect with genuine followers.

There are 3 kinds of algorithmic playlists -

Daily Mix, Release Radar and Discover Weekly

Daily Mix are updated daily and can host different kinds of music genres,

The more you listen to Daily mix’s, the more they are updated frequently.

Release radar is a weekly updated playlist with 2 hours of music.

The songs in these playlists are new releases from artists you are following.

Discover Weekly presents artists that are a match with your music taste and other people like you with the

same music preferences. It updates every Monday and is a great opportunity for you, as an artist, to get exposed.

Lastly, User created Playlists.

These are the playlists created by Spotify users.

Users can choose whether to make their playlists private or public.

Most of the users are regular users who created playlists for their own fun. Some of the users are creating

playlists for more professional use, for example, playlists for restaurants, bars, music charts, exercise, sports,

different brands and more.

(By the way) Our platform “One Submit” is all about connecting between the artists and the playlist owners.

So if you want to submit music to Spotify playlists, One Submit can help you get it fast and efficient. So back to the most important question:

How do you get your song onto Spotify’s editorial playlists?

There are 2 main ways to do this:

- You will need to get your song on “user created playlists” and start to generate plays, likes and saves for your song.

The bigger the playlist the better. The more playlists you land your song into, the more plays you get therefore,

increasing your chances of getting noticed by Spotify editorial playlists, feel free to try our platform,

it’s a self service platform, flexible according to your budget.

- Get on “Algorithmic playlists”, ask your fans to save your song, play and like it. Start with your closest friends,

your song will eventually appear on different “Algorithmic playlists” and you will be exposed to a new audience.

If your song is a success then you might start to get some serious plays and eventually end up within a Spotify editorial playlists. That’s it, thanks for reading and hopefully this article has helped you.

Feel free to check out “One Submit” . We are all about that.

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5 days ago

Learning how to get on Spotify playlists is a crucial step for any artist looking to expand their reach and grow their audience. Playlists are a powerful tool for increasing streams, gaining exposure, and attracting followers, likes, and saves. By understanding the mechanics behind playlist placements and implementing effective strategies, artists can significantly boost their presence on the platform. It's about engaging with the Spotify community, building relationships with curators, and creating high-quality music that resonates with listeners. With the right approach, getting on Spotify playlists can open up new opportunities for artists to connect with fans and elevate their music careers.

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