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8 Sites To Submit Your Music to Spotify Playlists

Any music artist will tell you that placing your music on Spotify Playlists can do wonders for your musical career and music exposure. Submitting your songs onto Spotify playlists is imperative for every music artist who wants to get their music exposed.

Even though a lot of the larger playlists on Spotify are controlled and managed by Spotify. There are still plenty of opportunities for indie artists to be featured on curators' playlists which hosts thousands of followers.

The good news for unsigned music artists is that there are a handful of websites that allow indie artists to submit their music to Spotify curator playlists directly, and some of these websites are completely free.

To get the most out of this opportunity, artists need to make sure to listen to the playlist they are submitting their music to. This will give them an indication on the type of genre the playlist is, and give them an idea on which song they would want to submit to that playlist. Make sure to not upload a song that does not fall under the playlist genre.

Listed below are our picks on the 8 best websites music artists should use to submit their music onto Spotify curator playlists.

1: One Submit

One Submit is all about connecting indie artists and Spotify playlist owners, as well as YouTube music channels, TikTok influencers, Blogs, Radio stations and Record labels.

One Submit provides a service where you can submit music to Spotify playlists and get it reviewed and listened to by music curators. This platform is reliable, trustworthy and unique as they give you the choice on what type of platform you want to submit your music too.

Once you submit your song, a curator will review your song, and will have a choice whether to approve or decline it. If they choose to approve your track, they will add it to their playlist/channel, radio station, blog or label, which will promote your music exponentially. Even if the curator declines your song after listening to it, they will still provide you with a written review of your song.

2: Mysphera

Mysphera is a quality website that hosts a network of influencers as well as playlist curators that allow you to submit your music via this website. This site also has loads of playlists of various genres and information on each curator.

3: Soundplate

Soundplate has a range of Spotify playlists curated by their staff. They also give you the option to submit music to other types of playlists. They will however limit how many playlists you submit to consecutively, depending on how frequently you submit your music on a daily basis.

4: For The Love Of Bands

This site reviews and promotes your music and features any music artist for free. They also provide music artists with useful advice on how they can promote their music through Soundcloud, Spotify and other social media platforms.

5: Indiemono

Indiemono is one of the largest independent playlist communities worldwide. They have over 100 active curated playlists and take pride in assisting new artists, especially ones who have less than 1,000 streams on Spotify. Their curated playlists are also constantly updated to help promote newly submitted music.

6: Tunemunk

This site is easy and simple to use. They provide services for artists as well as Spotify playlists owners. On one hand artists can gain exposure while submitting their music, and curators can grow their Spotify playlist followers. Once an artist submits their music to a curators playlist, the curator will receive an email with the artist's song and can decide whether they want to add the song to their playlist or not.

These websites provide an amazing cost effective opportunity for indie artists to expose and promote their music. Any artist who is just starting out in their musical journey should make use of these sites as it takes away a lot of hassle for artists trying to promote their music on their own.

7: Howard Zhu

Howard Zhu is a Spotify playlist owner who curated over 35 playlists for artists to submit their music too. He personally reviews every song that is added to his playlists, so it can take time. He created his playlists in order to help indie artists showcase their music that fit his taste. His biggest playlist has just over 105 000 followers.

To be added to his playlists without any hassle, first follow his Instagram account with the link below, as well as his Spotify playlists and profile. He has genuine interest in helping indie artists grow and expose their music.

Submit Your Music Here:

8: Simon Field

Simon is a successful artist and producer who has curated 24 Spotify playlists for indie artists to submit their music too for free. His largest playlist has just over 560 000 followers.

It is very important to note that he only accepts and listens to specific genres, such as deep house, soulful house and tech house. He will not consider anything not revolving around these genres.

He only listens to Spotify links and will only consider a song if it is no older than 2 weeks after its release date. He also does not provide feedback, however, your song will be listened to fully. He provides you with a tracking tool, once you have submitted your song, to see if you have gotten added to any of his playlists. He does not charge a dime which is a huge benefit to indie artists. Check out his Spotify profile below as well as the link to submit your music.

Submit Your Music Here:

These Spotify music submission websites are truly an amazing opportunity for any indie music artist who wants to expose and promote their music. These sites not only provide artists around the world with a chance to get their music heard, but also take away the hassle of having to self-promote their own music. This gives artists more time to focus on making and creating music, than wasting time trying to promote it.


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